Tuesday, January 17, 2012

MTC - Letter #2

Hey hey hey! What's cookin everybody? Things are going super well here at the MTC! I don't know where to begin...hmm...well Elder Russell M. Nelson spoke here at a devotional last Tuesday! Super super sweet! Ok a little about that experience. About 15 minutes before a devotional or fireside begins the missionaries start singing hymns to set the mood. I gotta tell ya that it's super super awesome to hear 2000+ voices singing these hymns. Anyway, on the last hymn the doors swing open in front of us and we all rose as Elder Nelson walked in (you always rise from your seats when that happens) as we were singing...holy COW! It was like getting hit by a brick wall of spiritualness. As he walked in and sat down on the stand the spirit was SOOOOOOOOO strong. I don't know how to describe it. Super awesome talk too! He spoke on the Gathering of Israel and the role of the Book of Mormon in that. GREAT insights. One of which was basically, there would be NO gathering if there was no Book of Mormon. It was just super super cool. Classes are going well but tiring...3 hours each. We do a lot of role plays and have a lot of teaching experiences here so my missionary teachings skills are getting better and better. However, i must add to keep me from getting a big head, that it's not ME who's teaching well but the Spirit. Oh! experience #2. Last Saturday was our class on "The Role of the Spirit in Conversion". THAT is, so far, the highlight of the MTC. Yes, seeing Elder Nelson was AWESOME and I will never forget it but that evening class...wow...no words can describe.

I'm pretty sure I've gained a few pounds. I can't find a scale ANYWHERE but the food here is pretty darn good....usually. Gym time is great but I wish I had more time to do it. We're given 50 minutes each day but in a day where you are ALWAYS sitting down and barely moving around...it kills ya. ONE MORE WEEK HERE. I got my travels plans and I will be flying to Virginia next Wednesday morning with 15 other elders who are headed to the same mission. I've become acquainted with a few of them and they are really really awesome. My companion and i now get along really really well. He's improved a lot as have I. I guess I...i...don't...*COUGH*...know everything. YEAH YEAH YEAH...I said it. I guess the mission is working huh? It still hasn't hit me that I'm a missionary. Being in the MTC doesn't quite do it yet. well, probably in a week. I sent down a few pictures so hopefully my wonderful mother has put them on the blog by now so you can see that everything is going fantastic. I see Elder Oveson and Elder Thebaud every now and then which is really cool. Oh! For all those who know him, I ran into Elder Kolton (is it a K?) Cahoon from Kalispell First ward today. He, like me, really wants to get out of here and start the mission (of course I have no room to complain since he's been here way longer than I). Things are going well overall though. I can't think of anything more to say except to keep sending PLENTY OF LETTERS! I wouldn't mind a letter or two covered in perfume to i can't make up wild stories ;) ok i'm kidding.......sorta....

If you've received a letter from me you should let me know so that I know I have the right address. Just throw'n that out there. Last but not least, I wouldn't mind a picture or two from home just as a nice little reminder. I have ONE picture with me and I regret not bringing more. Anyways....things are going well here!

Love you all and hope you're surviving without me there ;) I know that the work I'm doing is right. This IS the true church. God DOES live. The Book of Mormon IS true. And Jesus IS the Christ. Don't you ever forget that.

Elder Hyrum Smith

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