Wednesday, January 25, 2012

FLEW out of SLC and Is NOW in Richmond VIRGINIA

Garvin and I had the opportunity to talk with Hyrum this morning 
around 5:30 a.m. - as he was preparing to fly out of 
Salt Lake City...and fly to his mission.
He sounded SUPER PUMPED!
There were "16" missionaries flying to the same

While Hyrum was talking to us...another super surprise...
I received a TEXT from our son-in-law - Luke Heiner - 
who had a last minute job change...
and had driven from Idaho Falls, Idaho to
the Salt Lake City catch a flight out...
He had remembered that Hyrum was also...
flying out of he looked for him!

Luke Heiner - Elder's Smith Brother-in-law
and Elder Smith - SLC Airport

I got a call, tonight, from one of the Elders from Hyrum's mission...
Wanted us to know he arrived safely...and will meet
his new companion tomorrow and head out to 
his FIRST AREA...Can hardly wait to hear
where he is going...

I will find out on MONDAY...since that is their "P-Day"...
I will get his new address and post it up then...

 In celebration...I had a cup of HOT CHOCOLATE
in my "Thomas Jefferson" MUG that I got
while in Virginia at his Monticello home...
I thought it was a GREAT EXCUSE!


  1. Just think, wasn't that long ago...we were saying "goodbye" to YOU...and now...look at you! Married and a little Mama! (smile) I think you will feel the real impact...when he gets MARRIED and becomes a FATHER! (smile) He is no longer...that little blond curly headed little boy running around in his diaper! (smile)


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