Monday, January 30, 2012


Hey hey hey! SO much to talk about...hmm...well first things first. The first area of my mission is Colonial Heights, Virginia! It's about 30ish minutes from Richmond. I'm LOVIN it here. My companion, Elder Bradfield is an AWESOME guy. I'm so so happy to have a good trainer. I was pretty worried about that. My mission president is a SUPER AWESOME guy. I really gained a love for him in our first interview the day I arrived. We had a short one due to all the missionaries he had to interview but it was really good. He is also a huge history fan and was impressed with my (dad's) story of how we came to Montana. He also complimented me on how well I carried myself and how he saw a leader in me (definitely does not help with my humility problems ;) ). Look out Virginia! New AP right here!  JUST KIDDING! sheesh let's not rip into me now it was only a JOKE!....sorta ;) jk hehe. Anyway! I thought I would be nervous talking to people and going teaching actual people but it's really not that bad. My companion and I work really really well together and he was very surprised at how well i taught (this is coming from him not me so NO i'm not being boastful...just telling what I was told). We really concentrate on the less-actives and part-member families here. There are A LOT of less actives. A couple of them are improving, however, and really want to do whats right. Others are a bit more difficult. I am surprised at how much (and how soon) i've come to enjoy and care for these people. One lady, Sister Woodley is HILARIOUS. She's a crazy (in a good way), loving black lady who tries to do what's right and wants to feel God's presence in her life. We've been able to see her a couple times and help resolve some concerns and she's doing great. There's another sister here, a struggling less-active, who is someone i am going to concentrate a lot of my efforts on while i am here. There is so much to say about her and how I feel and so on but my journal will have to suffice and most people won't be seeing that but ANYWAYS! She fell away from the church after a hard divorce and has really gone off the deep end. She knows what she needs to do but she lacks the motivation and support. It doesn't help that she rents out part of her house and the inhabitants are...umm...well let's just say they aren't the best influence. They all love the missionaries but most of them aren't interested. We'll be going over to her house tonight for FHE and will be able to teach her, her son, and her "not-boyfriend" Bobby (who we're hoping to get interested in the church). They all came to church yesterday, even bobby which was a shock, so it's a good beginning. Things are going well here though and I'm keeping busy.

So! Yesterday was Sunday, thus I was able to attend my ward here and meet everyone...oh boy welcome to the South. A lot of them are older folks and there is a small amount of primary children and VERY small amount of youth. The Elder's quorum is small enough that we have started combining with the High Priests...haha that was a fun lesson....anyways just a funny thought. My comp. and I are part of the ward choir (due to its small size of course) and as I said, "welcome to the South". It was mainly older women with kinda rough voices, then four men (including the missionaries). I don't know the name of the song but it definitely is not your typical sunday song. Very southern like. I'M NOT MAKING FUN OR SAYING ANYTHINGS WRONG I'M MERELY SAYING IT'S VERY SOUTHERN. I'm LOVING it down here though. The southern hospitality is super great. Like most people, I was expecting to come across a lot of hardcore religious people ready to debate the scriptures but i've found that everyone is very nice and cordial and pretty much not interested. We've come across only one guy who was VERY grumpy but that was a very short door visit, so not much to report on that. As i was saying about southern hospitality, we have a dinner appointment every. single. night. I'm definitely not wanting in the food department (this is not me saying no to care packages though *COUGH* *COUGH*) Last night we had dinner with the Green family. WOW. I can definitely act like i'm at home there. They're an awesome family and very very funny. oh and when i say I can act like i'm at home i really can (my mother and father will now be holding their heads in their hands and saying "Oh no...")

The spiritual thought of the day comes from my personal studies this morning. I was reading in Mosiah about the prophet Abinadi and his steadfastness. I love the story of Abinadi and this is why: Mosiah 17: 9-10
"Now Abinadi said unto him: I say unto you, I will not recall the words which I have spoken unto you concerning this people, for they are true; and that ye may know of their surety I have suffered myself that I have fallen into your hands.
Yea, and I will suffer even until death, and I will not recall my words, and they shall stand as a testimony against you. And if ye slay me ye will shed innocent blood, and this shall also stand as a testimony against you at the last day."
Verse 20:
"And now, when Abinadi had said these words, he fell, having suffered death by fire; yea, having been put to death because he would not deny the commandments of God, having sealed the truth of his words by his death."

He is one of my heroes because of his steadfastness in the faith. I exhort every one of you to be steadfast and immovable and firm in the faith upon the foundation of Christ. I know what I am doing is God's work. I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the one and only TRUE church on the face of the earth and the Book of Mormon IS another testament of Jesus Christ. I know the God lives and loves each and every one of us. He leads this church through an ACTUAL prophet, Thomas S. Monson. "Come unto me all ye that labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest." I leave my testimony of these things in the sacred name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Elder Hyrum Harrison Smith

P.S. the blog is looking great.

P.P.S. here is my new address. send all mail directly here and not through the mission home. and put my full name on the envelope

Elder Hyrum Harrison Smith
3088 Farris Ave.
Colonial Heights, Virginia 23834

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Elder Smith Meeting His Mission President and Wife...

Elder Smith meeting his Mission President and Wife for the First Time
 President James Carl Perry and Sister Sara Lisa Martenson Perry
25 January 2012
Virginia Richmond Mission

Enclosed with this picture was the following scribbled note:

"I made it! I'm here at the mission home in Richmond, Virginia.
Everything went well with my travels with no problems.
It appears that this mission is a lot more diverse than what
I had thought, but more on that later.

I'm really going to enjoy it out here. President and Sister Perry are
amazing.  Don't worry about me because from what I've heard...
'the gangs like missionaries here'.
However, I'm sure I'll come home with some interesting stories.

I love you all and I hope that you're not taking my absence 
too terribly." (smile)

Elder Hyrum Smith

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

FLEW out of SLC and Is NOW in Richmond VIRGINIA

Garvin and I had the opportunity to talk with Hyrum this morning 
around 5:30 a.m. - as he was preparing to fly out of 
Salt Lake City...and fly to his mission.
He sounded SUPER PUMPED!
There were "16" missionaries flying to the same

While Hyrum was talking to us...another super surprise...
I received a TEXT from our son-in-law - Luke Heiner - 
who had a last minute job change...
and had driven from Idaho Falls, Idaho to
the Salt Lake City catch a flight out...
He had remembered that Hyrum was also...
flying out of he looked for him!

Luke Heiner - Elder's Smith Brother-in-law
and Elder Smith - SLC Airport

I got a call, tonight, from one of the Elders from Hyrum's mission...
Wanted us to know he arrived safely...and will meet
his new companion tomorrow and head out to 
his FIRST AREA...Can hardly wait to hear
where he is going...

I will find out on MONDAY...since that is their "P-Day"...
I will get his new address and post it up then...

 In celebration...I had a cup of HOT CHOCOLATE
in my "Thomas Jefferson" MUG that I got
while in Virginia at his Monticello home...
I thought it was a GREAT EXCUSE!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


 WOOT! Well, today is my last day in the MTC. I fly out of SLC Airport around 8ish (which means I have to get up around 3ish to get ready...ugh), have a two hour lay-over in Atlanta then off to Richmond! I'll be proselyting bright and early Thursday mornin. And so it begins...GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA so stoked. As much as the MTC has been great, I absolutely CAN'T wait to get out of here. It's like a prison. Spiritual, but a prison. It's the Spirit Prison! (no pun intended...ok maybe a little) Yesterday was a fantastic day. Sad in some parts but overall a good day. My two teachers, Bro. Snyder and Bro. Pack have been AWESOME. I've learned so much from them. Although at times it's seemed to be hard, I am truely grateful for my companion. None of us are perfect and he's helped me realize that. I'm grateful to the Lord for having him as my first companion. I don't know how to put everything in words...ah! it's been good. Today will be my last day to go to the temple for TWO years. I'm definitely looking for to it and will make the most of it. I'm going to miss my district here. there were 10 of us and 6 of us (the elders) are going to Virginia, whereas, the sisters are all going to Temple Square. They have been amazing and I'm going to miss them. I didn't realize how much writing i would be doing, and all the writing that I'd WANT to do while on my mission. I swear I'm going to have arthritis due to writing so much. The highlights of the MTC have probably been the firesides and devotionals. Everytime there has been an amazing speaker. This last fireside (on sunday) we sung Called To Serve (one of the most oversung songs here) in a way different way. IT WAS AWESOME. We started out the first verse very very quietly. We had to imagine ourselves as an army (the Army of Helamen since there were 2000 of them and about 2000 of us) marching, just about ready to climb over a final hill towards the battlefield and the quiet start was supposed to represent what it sounds like to those on the other side whom we were marching toward. the second verse was "medium loud" representing we had just walked over the peak of the hill and our voices are much more audible. At the end of the second verse chorus we all stood. It went like this "God our strength will be, press forward ever called to serve our [STAND] King!". After that we repeated the chorus as loudly as possible and with over 2000 was amazing. anyways. I have plenty of pictures, plenty of journal entries, plenty of writings in my study journal. I'll probably publish a book when i get back.

I want to share one thing that i learned about here regarding prayer and why we need to pray with Real Intent. God won't reveal anything to us unless we are willing to act according to His will with the knowledge He would give. Have you ever wondered why? There are probably a couple reasons but this is the insight that came to me as i was pondering this. God knows that we must be judged according to the knowledge we have. Those with greater light (knowledge) have a greater responsibility and thus, greater condemnation if we do not act and do our best. God knows the hearts of all of us. If there is an investigator who truely wants to know but who would not act (be baptized and follow Christ), God will most likely not reveal to that person the truthfullness of this message. He knows they would only bring upon themselves greater condemnation and only damn themselves. As much as He is a God of perfect justice, He is always a God a love and MERCY. This is why Christ taught in parables. If the people who didn't believe understood the message He was trying to tell them, they would only be bringing about their own condemnation. I've gained several insights about Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ while my stay here at the MTC and I've truely gained a great insight into his in infinite mercy and love he has for us. He will give us EVERY POSSIBLE chance and opportunity to come unto Him. He wants us back.

I'm really really looking forward to these next two years. "Dear Elder" letters only go to the MTC so now it's time to write hand letters or emails. Emails are reserved for family members so for everyone else: start sending letters and what-not to the misson home until I find out my new area address.

I love you all and hope you have a wonderful two years without me (i know it won't be hard)

Elder Smith

P.S. Special thanks to Blee (Brenda Shepherd Henry) for being the ONLY person to send me a PACKAGE *COUGH COUGH* hint *COUGH* just kidding...maybe...

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Our "Humble" Elder Smith
in pictures from the
Elder Adly Thebaud
Great friend of Hyrum's...
The Thebauds are not-too-long ago
Converts - SUPER STORY
Adly's parents and Adly were in our Ward
in Florida
Hyrum's MTC Companion - Elder Atkinson
Provo Utah Temple
All of them heading for the same mission
Left to Right: Elders McClellan, Atkinson, Dayton
Newman, "Smith", Mathia

 Elder Smith Entire MTC District - 7B
The sisters will be serving in the Salt Lake City Temple Square Mission
All the Elders will head for VIRGINIA

Elders Oveson and Smith
Another dear friend of Hyrum's 
Oveson Family, also, were in our Florida Ward
Elder Smith - Famous MTC Map in Provo!
The ever "Humble" Elder Smith
"Men in White"
Got to LOVE IT!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

MTC - Letter #2

Hey hey hey! What's cookin everybody? Things are going super well here at the MTC! I don't know where to begin...hmm...well Elder Russell M. Nelson spoke here at a devotional last Tuesday! Super super sweet! Ok a little about that experience. About 15 minutes before a devotional or fireside begins the missionaries start singing hymns to set the mood. I gotta tell ya that it's super super awesome to hear 2000+ voices singing these hymns. Anyway, on the last hymn the doors swing open in front of us and we all rose as Elder Nelson walked in (you always rise from your seats when that happens) as we were singing...holy COW! It was like getting hit by a brick wall of spiritualness. As he walked in and sat down on the stand the spirit was SOOOOOOOOO strong. I don't know how to describe it. Super awesome talk too! He spoke on the Gathering of Israel and the role of the Book of Mormon in that. GREAT insights. One of which was basically, there would be NO gathering if there was no Book of Mormon. It was just super super cool. Classes are going well but tiring...3 hours each. We do a lot of role plays and have a lot of teaching experiences here so my missionary teachings skills are getting better and better. However, i must add to keep me from getting a big head, that it's not ME who's teaching well but the Spirit. Oh! experience #2. Last Saturday was our class on "The Role of the Spirit in Conversion". THAT is, so far, the highlight of the MTC. Yes, seeing Elder Nelson was AWESOME and I will never forget it but that evening words can describe.

I'm pretty sure I've gained a few pounds. I can't find a scale ANYWHERE but the food here is pretty darn good....usually. Gym time is great but I wish I had more time to do it. We're given 50 minutes each day but in a day where you are ALWAYS sitting down and barely moving kills ya. ONE MORE WEEK HERE. I got my travels plans and I will be flying to Virginia next Wednesday morning with 15 other elders who are headed to the same mission. I've become acquainted with a few of them and they are really really awesome. My companion and i now get along really really well. He's improved a lot as have I. I guess I...i...don't...*COUGH*...know everything. YEAH YEAH YEAH...I said it. I guess the mission is working huh? It still hasn't hit me that I'm a missionary. Being in the MTC doesn't quite do it yet. well, probably in a week. I sent down a few pictures so hopefully my wonderful mother has put them on the blog by now so you can see that everything is going fantastic. I see Elder Oveson and Elder Thebaud every now and then which is really cool. Oh! For all those who know him, I ran into Elder Kolton (is it a K?) Cahoon from Kalispell First ward today. He, like me, really wants to get out of here and start the mission (of course I have no room to complain since he's been here way longer than I). Things are going well overall though. I can't think of anything more to say except to keep sending PLENTY OF LETTERS! I wouldn't mind a letter or two covered in perfume to i can't make up wild stories ;) ok i'm kidding.......sorta....

If you've received a letter from me you should let me know so that I know I have the right address. Just throw'n that out there. Last but not least, I wouldn't mind a picture or two from home just as a nice little reminder. I have ONE picture with me and I regret not bringing more. Anyways....things are going well here!

Love you all and hope you're surviving without me there ;) I know that the work I'm doing is right. This IS the true church. God DOES live. The Book of Mormon IS true. And Jesus IS the Christ. Don't you ever forget that.

Elder Hyrum Smith

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Hello Everybody!

Well, here is my very first email from the MTC. Where to begin...hmm...Might as well start from the beginning. My first week is pretty much over leaving two weeks left! I knew my math classes would come in handy ;). Things got busy the moment I stepped out of Angel's van and walked into the MTC. I met my district which is AMAZING! My district consists of Elder Newman, Elder Mathia, Elder Mcclellan, Elder Dayton, Elder Atkinson, Elder Smith (MEEEEE) Sister Nixon, Sister Deajuste (that's definitely NOT how you spell it but whatev.) Sister Savage and Sister Brickley. Everyone arrived the same day and all the elders are headed off to the Virginia Richmond mission and the sisters are headed off to the Salt Lake City, Temple Square mission.

I do have plenty of pictures but unfortunately I forgot to bring my hookup to the computer and since we are timed you all gotta wait another week for pictures. Sorry! It has been a great week. People say you either hate the MTC or love it. I have about 90% love and 10% dislike (not hate). I'm learning many things here and am loving the feeling. Devotionals and firesides are probably my favorite things here.

My first companion of my mission is Elder Atkinson. He's a good guy at heart it seems, however, I wish I didn't open my big fat mouth before I came here and ask for patience. I didn't know I had so much of it...shocker. The main thing they teach here is learning to teach by the spirit. Without it we cannot teach (D&C 42:23 (well i'm pretty sure it's verse 23)

The meals here will definitely pack on the weight if you're not careful and I have definitely not been careful. I really look forward to gym time now.

There is one little illusion about the MTC that was dashed to pieces though. This is for all the future elders since I do not know what it is like for the sisters. Anyway! For all those future elders who think that once you become a missionary you magically become mature and being at the MTC everybody acts like you....think again. Interesting things happen in the residence halls. Just be prepared.

OH! Highlights so far about this past week. #1 I ran into Elder Pittard a couple times and DANG! his voice is deeeep. He has one picture of us on his camera which he will promptly send to his family who will then send it to you mother. He's doing great.

#2 I RAN INTO ELDER THEBAUD!!! Yeah, that's right. Elder Adly Thebaud. I thought he would be gone by now but we ran into each other in the cafeteria and it was AWESOME! I'm pretty sure that was the happiest time here. When we sat and talked it was a huge testimony builder. He has grown and matured so so much. I love that guy and I know he will do fantastic in Fiji. He already has a slight accent from speaking French here at the MTC. I have a picture of us but alas you will have to wait a week unless I can find other means.

Tuesdays are my p-days here so that is when all my letter writing will happen. Elder Oveson seems to be doing great and of course i have pictures. My time is running out but I just want to finish by saying how MUCH I love this gospel. I know this is what I'm supposed to do and that great things will happen. I love you all and hope you can all hang on these next two years without me ;). Toodles!

Elder Hyrum Smith

P.S. Here at the MTC they request that while I stay here people only write through Dear Elder. Muchos gracias. Oh! and please send lots of care packages with candy and whatever you can muster. There is a guy here who sells his goods to elders in the residence halls and i think he could use a little competition ;) Your donations are super profitable...*COUGH* I mean much appreciated. ;) KEEP WRITING!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


As I post this...Hyrum is the MTC.
Prior to entering, he was able to stay with his sister and brother-in-law,
Angel and Jared Day.  Last night, he got to spend time with his
other sister, Rebekah...(plus 2 nephews and 1 niece)
In the midst of all that, he got to go to the DRAPER TEMPLE with
his buddy, Lars Oveson and his parents.
Lars entered the MTC, also, today...

Prior to the MTC...Randy and Marilyn took their son, Lars,Hyrum, Angel, Rebekah... out to lunch at Lars' favorite Mexican food place...
I was thrilled that Marilyn posted a couple of pictures they took
1 hour before our sons entered the MTC...


Don't know the name of daughter on the left...
but...the rest are...
Elder Smith, Elder Oveson, Randy and Marilyn Oveson
and daughter, Madelyn...
ELDERS Smith and Oveson

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Now, You Can Call Me... Elder Smith

Sunday, 1 January 2012
Hyrum was set apart as a FULL-TIME MISSIONARY!
What a way to begin a BRAND NEW YEAR!

 1 January 2012
Newly set-apart

This morning, Elder Smith got on a plane out of Kalispell, Montana
and headed to Salt Lake City, Utah.
Tomorrow at 1:25 p.m.
he will enter the MTC in Provo, Utah
The mood was much different than on Sunday...
more reflective
3 January 2012
Kalispell Montana - Airport