Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Hello Everybody!

Well, here is my very first email from the MTC. Where to begin...hmm...Might as well start from the beginning. My first week is pretty much over leaving two weeks left! I knew my math classes would come in handy ;). Things got busy the moment I stepped out of Angel's van and walked into the MTC. I met my district which is AMAZING! My district consists of Elder Newman, Elder Mathia, Elder Mcclellan, Elder Dayton, Elder Atkinson, Elder Smith (MEEEEE) Sister Nixon, Sister Deajuste (that's definitely NOT how you spell it but whatev.) Sister Savage and Sister Brickley. Everyone arrived the same day and all the elders are headed off to the Virginia Richmond mission and the sisters are headed off to the Salt Lake City, Temple Square mission.

I do have plenty of pictures but unfortunately I forgot to bring my hookup to the computer and since we are timed you all gotta wait another week for pictures. Sorry! It has been a great week. People say you either hate the MTC or love it. I have about 90% love and 10% dislike (not hate). I'm learning many things here and am loving the feeling. Devotionals and firesides are probably my favorite things here.

My first companion of my mission is Elder Atkinson. He's a good guy at heart it seems, however, I wish I didn't open my big fat mouth before I came here and ask for patience. I didn't know I had so much of it...shocker. The main thing they teach here is learning to teach by the spirit. Without it we cannot teach (D&C 42:23 (well i'm pretty sure it's verse 23)

The meals here will definitely pack on the weight if you're not careful and I have definitely not been careful. I really look forward to gym time now.

There is one little illusion about the MTC that was dashed to pieces though. This is for all the future elders since I do not know what it is like for the sisters. Anyway! For all those future elders who think that once you become a missionary you magically become mature and being at the MTC everybody acts like you....think again. Interesting things happen in the residence halls. Just be prepared.

OH! Highlights so far about this past week. #1 I ran into Elder Pittard a couple times and DANG! his voice is deeeep. He has one picture of us on his camera which he will promptly send to his family who will then send it to you mother. He's doing great.

#2 I RAN INTO ELDER THEBAUD!!! Yeah, that's right. Elder Adly Thebaud. I thought he would be gone by now but we ran into each other in the cafeteria and it was AWESOME! I'm pretty sure that was the happiest time here. When we sat and talked it was a huge testimony builder. He has grown and matured so so much. I love that guy and I know he will do fantastic in Fiji. He already has a slight accent from speaking French here at the MTC. I have a picture of us but alas you will have to wait a week unless I can find other means.

Tuesdays are my p-days here so that is when all my letter writing will happen. Elder Oveson seems to be doing great and of course i have pictures. My time is running out but I just want to finish by saying how MUCH I love this gospel. I know this is what I'm supposed to do and that great things will happen. I love you all and hope you can all hang on these next two years without me ;). Toodles!

Elder Hyrum Smith

P.S. Here at the MTC they request that while I stay here people only write through Dear Elder. Muchos gracias. Oh! and please send lots of care packages with candy and whatever you can muster. There is a guy here who sells his goods to elders in the residence halls and i think he could use a little competition ;) Your donations are super profitable...*COUGH* I mean much appreciated. ;) KEEP WRITING!


  1. I didn't expect to cry when I read Hyrum's first letter...so grown up in a week and yet such a little guy too. His favorite scripture is also one of ours as well.

  2. Same here, I didn't think I'd bawl like a two year old. How's it gonna be when Carter leaves? It's a good cry and very exciting!


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