Monday, June 24, 2013

Worldwide Broadcast and Missionary Work

Hello, hello, hello Everybody!

Wow! Did anyone watch the worldwide broadcast last night?!? How did you feel throughout it all? Did you catch how historic that was? I don't know where to begin with all that happened. The Spirit was STRONG the entire meeting. When Elder L. Tom Perry spoke I could just FEEL the strength of the Spirit flowing through that man of God. We are living in interesting times. It's now time to stretch and stand a little taller. Missionary labors aren't changing, just the "how" to do things. We live in a time that it's no longer going to be enough to be active at church. We need to be active in the Gospel. I heard a wise man once say, "Don't make the Gospel part of your life. Make your life part of the Gospel." We can't just portion a small little bit of God in our "busy" lives. We need to be busy in the Lord's work.

I've made a lot of invitations in my emails home but I would like everyone to accept this one: Elder Jeffery R. Holland gave a talk at BYU years ago titled, "The Inconvenient Messiah". Please, go listen, read or watch that talk and pay attention. Even if you are a University of Utah fan, listen to this talk.

This life isn't about the best career but how you make the best out of your career in the Lord's Work. Am I missionary crazy right now? Of course I am! And I never want to forget who I am as a missionary when I go home. Two years isn't the only time we're supposed to share what we have. Neil L. Andersen had some good things to say about that last General Conference.

I know this Work in which we're engaged is of God. I know that God lives!  I pray that one day I'll be able to declare, as did Elder Boyd K. Packer did last night, "I know that He lives and I know Him." That statement holds so much weight.

Elder Smith

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