Monday, June 17, 2013

Virginia Chesapeake Mission - New Area - New Mission

Good Morning Everyone:

Well, in case you haven't heard, I have been "emergency transferred" to the Poquoson Ward. A missionary had to go home so I was called up to take his place. Poquoson is also on the other side of the mission..."on the other side" means on the Virginia Chesapeake Mission side. THe mission officially splits on July 1st and on that day I can claim that I've been in two missions. Poquoson is an old Indian term that means "Great Marsh"...yup! That means mosquitoes. I'm going through some major culture shock though. I've been serving in branches most of my mission and now I'm in a large ward. Quite a difference. There are a lot of Air Force presence here so that helps with the size of the ward. I'm also in a biking area which is great because I have too much "winter storage" I need to get rid of. Looking ahead though, it's going to now present a little bit of a challenge since I screwed up my foot this morning playing sports. Oh well, worse things can happen.

So, I've been asked about my feelings regarding the whole mission splitting, new mission president, and now me being in the new mission. Let me explain it this way: if you talk to some of the older folks of the area, they'll tell you how they remember when the first BRANCH was formed in Richmond, and that branch covered practically all of Virginia. Their stake center was in Washington D.C. In one lifetime we see the growth from one little branch, to many stakes that cover the state and surrounding states. Now we see another mission formed! WOW! Even in the short time I've been here I've been able to see fantastic growth. It's been amazing to see. As for me being in the new mission? I'm excited. It took me a while to come to that feeling but honestly I'm excited to be a part of this change. There are some fantastic things happening and I get to be a part of it. We all do actually. That reminds me: this upcoming Sunday the church will be broadcasting a mission president seminar for all new mission presidents. They have stated on that this will be a historic event (and I've heard of other comments as well). I'd highly encourage you to watch this broadcast. It will, indeed, be a historic event.

I know this Gospel is true and this Church is the ONE and ONLY true Church on the face of the earth. Jesus Christ is our Savior. Bear witness of Him every day.

Elder Smith

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