Thursday, January 10, 2013

Reflection....over FIRST YEAR of Mission...

Hello Everyone:

Having complete one half of my full-time missionary service, I've had a chance to reflect on the past year. I've changed a lot. Things around me have changed a lot. Perspective has changed a lot. When one goes on a mission and puts effort into what they're doing and strives to learn, Heavenly Father changes you into what He needs you to be. It's quite a magnificent process but one that can occur only as much as we allow.

Sometimes we tend to become a little complacent and want to dig in and enjoy a comfortable respite from this process. This is something I've learned to call a "Spiritual Plateau". There's no more growth. There's no more higher perspectives gained. If you're paying attention you realize that you're missing out on becoming a little purer and you begin to feel like you're in a mire. Especially if you know you have work to do. Not the work you do for your job but the work God would have you do. It's hard at that point to get back in gear. You've gotten comfortable where you're at and now have to go through the extra effort of getting moving again. I know all about these plateaus because I've seen them affect the lives of others, and I've personally experienced them. It's not a pleasant feeling when you look back and see the opportunities missed, the lessons not learned and how much time has been wasted. God has been working in my life recently to help me learn this lesson. But God is Good and He is Loving. He gives us, He's given me, another chance.

I have a feeling I'll be experiencing some interesting things in the upcoming year so I'll need all the prayers I can get. I want to thank those who have been keeping the missionaries in their prayers and helped them in their efforts. I want to thank those who have been aware of me and have helped me to go on. We uplift and edify each other and through that we are better able to help others. But be warned that Satan is very real and very, very subtle. Be careful, tread carefully, and tighten your seat belts because here soon we're all going for an eternally life changing ride.

Elder Smith

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