Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Hello everyone:

I have some interesting's finally started. My companion and I have noticed a slight (sometimes very noticable) southern drawl in my speech. After a year, I've finally started to become one with the culture here. Now I'm trying to be very aware of how I speak and usually do a good job of keeping things straight, but as soon as I stop paying attention it starts comin out.

But anyway, things are going great in Louisa. This last week was full of miracles and I expect some great things to be happening soon. My companion, Elder Bird, is a great guy too. He and I are going to get a lot done together as well as have a lot of fun. He's a bit of a goober (he's reading this and nodding his head in agreement) so that tells me that we are one in the same :). He has taught me a lot though. He's relatively new to the field but it's good to have a companion that is full of "greenie fire". It's definitely been a help to me to keep me reminded of the great work we are a part of.
Have you ever thought about the day when you were baptized (if you haven't (yet) pay attention)? Do you remember the feeling you had? Do you remember the excitement you felt? Do you remember the peace? Despite common belief, baptism is not the end. It's merely the beginning, "the gateway" to the path of discipleship. Is it work? Sure. Is it hard work? Absolutely. But don't let that stop you. The feelings of self-worth and accomplishment that comes from being a true and faith-driven follower of Christ is worth any sacrifice and trial. I've learned a lot more of God's great plan on happiness for us and it has entrenched me even deeper in my desire to "stay good" you might say. I know of and have seen people fall. I know of the misery and pain it brings to oneself and to others. Don't mess up! Don't go off into the deep end. The bait is not worth the trap! If you've made covenants, keep them. If you haven't yet then make them. If you've broken them, the Savior stands with open arms to receive you if you but go with a broken heart and contrite spirit. Humble yourself and repent. It's worth it.

Elder Smith

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