Monday, November 25, 2013

Life of a Missionary

Hello Everyone!

Sorry for the lack of communication with everyone. I have felt like a chicken with his head cut off for the last few weeks. Despite all the hectic craziness that surrounds us, I know that the peace of God can dispel all confusion and discouragement one might feel.
 Life as a missionary is busy and (as one is doing what they're supposed to) pressured. First off, we're constantly on the Lord's errand so we must always be ready and seeking. Secondly, we're always being watched. Either there is one who is watching our example for support, or, there is one who watches for even the most minute mistake that they can take advantage of. Thirdly, we must strive to be aware of self-improvement that the Spirit of Lord can always be available to us. With all this expectation of perfection, by those and of those who have yet much to perfect, it is easy to become frustrated, annoyed and disappointed by the actions of another, or even yourself. That's part of the life as a missionary.
However, that is also, in its own right, the life of every other member of the Church and every human being that walks this earth.
One bit of condolence I bring is that everyone, even Prophets, feel such disappointment. Paul, the great Apostle, cried unto the Lord on THREE separate occasions that his "thorn in the flesh" might be removed from him. Who knows what his thorn might have been but consider the ones you feel now. Is it a thorn that comes from an exterior agent caused, perhaps, by the actions of others? Or is it a self-inflicted thorn that stems from your own noticed imperfection? Whatever it may be, these can cause us to wonder, "Why am I here?". To all who feel this, AS I HAVE MANY TIMES BEFORE, I bear my witness that the One who IS perfect, who knows and comprehend ALL things, has a sanctifying purpose for you. For us to realize this, however, and to draw strength from this new found understanding, we must learn what it means to have a mighty prayer of faith. I invite you to make that the course of your personal study over the next few days and beyond if you feel so inclined.
Don't be so caught up on your one step backwards if it causes you to rise two steps forward. Progression is eternal process and we have been promised Eternal life by Him who simply asks us to have faith.
As I mentioned before, Paul asked the Lord three times to remove his thorn. Hear the Lord's response to him and to you: "My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness." (See 2 Corinthians 12:7-10 & Ether 12:27)
There is sanctification in service and there is no greater service than preaching the gospel.
I know that my Redeemer lives.

Elder Smith

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