Monday, July 8, 2013

Independence Day and New Mission President

4th of July "Get-together"

 His awesome NEW COMPANION!

 Elder Smith's "Posterity" (mission slang)
with Mission President and wife...
He trained the two standing and the Elder who is kneeling
is his "Grandson" who was trained by one of "His Sons"

Member of the church - pushing Elder Smith around
at store - after spraining his ankle

 Newport News South Zone before transfers...

Hello Everybody!

Happy (late) Independence Day! It's always great to celebrate the beginnings of this great country. Yes, it was the beginning of freedom once again. Yes, it was the beginning of opportunity once again. But best of all it paved the way for the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ! With that comes true freedom - eternal progression for those in this life, and for those who have passed on who had been waiting for centuries to gain the blessings of eternity. I wish we could always remember that.
Here's a weird fact: I have now officially served a sister's mission...the 4th of July was my 18 month mark (I swear I'm not counting).
Ok, so what have I been up to? Missionary work :). Being on a bike is great! I've been able to sweat off a few extra pounds of "winter storage" (I'm telling's hot over here) and it's a great stress reliever. This area we are in has picked up a lot since my companion and I got here. We have a several very promising investigators, less-active and part-member families we're working with. This ward is super missionary minded which helps out a lot.

This past week I met my new mission president: President Baker. I'm impressed. He's raising the bar for us missionaries out here and he has a great vision for this mission. If there is one lesson I can take away from experiencing a change in mission bounderies AND a change in the mission president it's this: Follow the key-holder. The Lord has set up order and organization in His kingdom and it is led by Priesthood authority. That is the only way it can function and thus the Lord calls on men to be leaders out of necessity. Those who hold keys are those who are authorized to direct to affairs of those under their stewardship and direct the work of salvation. Those men are called of God and because of their calling and authority, there is safety for us only if we listen and heed to direction and counsel that they give. President Baker is taking this mission in a new direction but I know he is called of God for this work and my responsibility is to sustain him and heed his counsel. So it is with the rest of us.
Also, transfer calls were last night and my companion and I are both staying.

Life is good.
Elder Smith

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