Monday, February 11, 2013

The "New Generation" Have Arrived...

 Elder Smith and Elder Brian

"New Generation" -  Elder Brian

Hello, hello Everybody,

Well, my new "greenie" is here and he's awesome. What makes him awesome? He's 18! The Lord is allowing me to corrupt...err...train another one of His servants and I've been privileged to work with one of the New Generation. It's been a neat experience and he really likes the experiences he's had so far. 

His name is Wyatt Brian and he's from Rexburg, Idaho (born and raised). Seeing that he was born and raised there I was excited to see his adjustment to the new life and culture of the east coast...well...he got a good taste of what it was like to be an LDS missionary in the South. He wanted to see what it was like to go tracting so we picked a nice road and start knocking doors. Well, the second door we come to...*SIGH*...happened to be a member of a local church here that is well known for it's Anti-Mormon feelings. They devote one Sunday a month to preaching against the Church actually. So, for about 10 minutes or so my new companion got to witness an LDS missionary and a LDS hater "discuss" the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith. Of all things to happen on the FIRST NIGHT we ran into a Basher. Truly that doesn't happen too often out here so it was crazy the odds of running into that the first day. Well, on the bright side he's been broken in. But he has a strong desire to serve the Lord and I'm happy to work alongside him.

We need missionaries who are prepared spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally because this is HARD work. If you plan on coming out on a mission with lightness and frivolity then expect to go home in vain. You'll be wasting two years. Come out DEDICATED. Come out with a TESTIMONY. Come out CONVERTED. You don't have to know everything but you have to DESIRE to try. The Lord needs hardworking servants because time is short. The Lord needs a converted people to greet him when He arrives. Let's not disappoint Him and put to waste the great Atonement He has given us. "Stand a little taller, be a little better, look to God and live." Great words from President Gordon B. Hinckley.

Elder Smith

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