Thursday, October 4, 2012

Love Being Assigned to a Branch

 Elder Smith with his companion - Elder Fletcher
During and after a "Waffle" eating contest...
A sister in their branch has this standing competition
of who can eat the most "Waffles" - They get a 
certificate after the contest...
I do the end...
Elder Fletcher won this contest!

Hello everyone!
Wow, what a week full of miracles. It's so good to see Father working along side us. It's a pretty comforting feeling.

We got our transfer calls! I'm staying yet another 6 weeks here in Currituck and I'm STOKED! I love this branch so much. Branches, I've found, are more like giant families. It's hard to find that sometimes in wards, granted it does happen, but it's easier for members of a branch to look out and love one another. I've definitely seen it in this branch. There are so many amazing people here and I love each and every one of them. I could stay here my entire mission. 

So, we've been working with a returning less-active member for a while now and she stood up and bore her testimony for the FIRST TIME yesterday. It was such a powerful and touching moment, to see someone that I've seen change, take those scary steps up to the podium and share what was in her heart. THAT is the joy of missionary work: seeing CHANGE in people's lives, homes, and countenances as they strive to be more obedient to the principles of the Gospel. To see and be a part of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual progress of one who is coming closer to their Heavenly Father is something that can never be replaced. I feel sad for those who are not involved in the missionary effort for I KNOW of the experiences and joys they are missing. There have been several other great experiences this past week but unfortunately I'm out of time.

Know that I love the Lord. Know that I love His Gospel. Know that I know and love my Heavenly Father. I know they both live and love us. Share that love with others.

Elder Smith

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