Monday, August 6, 2012

We are the clay...

Hello Everyone!
How has your week been? Been enjoying some great summer plans? Well, I wish I could say I have. It seems that all our plans that we made this past week got blown out of the water! But such is the way of things. I have discovered that I actually have a little bit of creativity! My companion, Elder Fletcher, is quite the poet. Ever since he's been out, he'll just sit down and write out a poem and they always turn out really good! So, I figured I'd try my luck and write him a little poem for when the time comes that we split. It turned out really good! I was shocked! Sure it took me a few days to write a few lines but in the end...well...I'll confess I got a little prideful in my work ;). Later, I attempted to try my luck out again and write another poem. I thought and thought about a topic and then it hit me! I'll write one on the Book of Mormon (once a missionary always a missionary). Dang...I must say it is fantastic. I think I'll submit it to the Ensign or New Era. Unfortunately I forgot to bring it with me so ya'll will have to wait till next week for me to post it.

With the hot summer weather and the several dirt roads we have, it's easy to kick up a lot of dust. Needless to say, we come home pretty dusty as well. But as the scriptures say, aren't we all dust? In our companionship study this morning Elder Fletcher shared an interesting insight that he gained from his studies and it ties into dust. In Mosiah 3:5, King Benjamin mentions how Christ will come in a "tabernacle of clay". This, of course, is referring to the physical body. Clay has the ability to be shaped and fashioned, molded you might say, into a great creation. We are nothing but dust and Christ is the "living water". Think about it: Clay is able to be fashioned when it is wet and moist. We, as dust, can only be fashioned when we are moisturized with the water of the Atonement and thus can be shaped into what our Father in Heaven wants us to be.
I know the Atonement is real and was performed out of Love.

Elder Smith

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