Monday, June 25, 2012

Brother Caleb, Chipped Tooth, and Atheists

Hello hello!
What a week! It was good, busy, hot and humid. This weekend was Stake Conference and to my surprise my Mission President and his wife, President and Sister Perry, were there.

What made this even better was the fact that my brother also lives here in my stake. So the Perry's were able to see my brother and I side by side (I was tempted to put my tag on my brother to see if they'd notice anything). It was a pleasant visit.

 Amongst other events this past week I was able to catch of glimpse of the beach (which killed me), I chipped a wonderful portion of my tooth, and had a not so pleasant conversation with a couple of atheists. It was an eventful week and my journal is full.

After my conversation with the atheists (and fuming a little as well) I was able to reflect on the complete difference in our lives. I had something to look forward to after I die; they had something to dread. I had purpose in my life; they had no drive to progress and make something of themselves. I knew there was someone who loved me and was looking out for me; they had deceived themselves to think that there was nothing up there and IF there was he didn't care about us humans. I knew of these things because of revelation through the Spirit and because I've witnessed and felt the power of God's Authority, the Holy Priesthood, in my life and in the life of others. But instead of hearing my preach, let's listen to what a prophet has to say. EVERYONE: Watch this -

I add my witness of the divine power and responsibility placed on the shoulders of men here on earth. Treasure this power.

Elder Smith

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