Monday, April 23, 2012

News from Elder Smith's 2nd Area

First things first: My new address:

Elder Hyrum Smith
Box 10 Lot 21
141 Little Joes Lane
Barco, NC 27917

I live in a mobile home! It's bigger than my last apartment so it's
pretty nice. This is a big farming area too. The Currituck Branch is a
really really cool branch. Everyone is anxious to do missionary work
so it's really really awesome for us. Member's like to come out with
us all the time. So, some really cool news...We set someone for
baptism yesterday! It was SO cool. The story is a lengthy one so I'll
just say that she is someone who has been investigating the church for
years and never set a date, but when we saw her yesterday, and how
everything worked perfectly for a lesson and how the Spirit came into
the was amazing. We set her for this Saturday (April 28th)
and her new husband (they got married last Saturday) is going to
baptize her. It was so amazing, I will happily say that there wasn't a
dry eye in the room.

So a couple fun facts about my area: I live about 30 miles or so from
Kitty Hawk (where the Wright brothers first flew) and Dale Anderson
lives IN my area. For those who don't know who that is he is a big
monster truck celebrity. His truck it the Gravedigger (which is pretty
famous). He gives people rides in his monster truck for 5 bucks! If
he's in the area on my P-day...well...I'll have a cool story then. :)

I was reading The Teachings of President George Albert Smith and these
words really struck me.

"What a fine thing it is to feel that we belong to a church that is or
should be composed of saints. It is not sufficient that we have our
names upon the records. It is important that we live the lives that
entitle us to be called Saints, and if you will do that, you will be

I would like to say to the Latter-day Saints, if we are worthy to be
called Latter-day Saints, it will be because we are living the lives
of saints, and it is the purpose of the Gospel to qualify us in that
way. The world has gotten into such a condition and has been deceived
by the adversary for such a long time and has declared that the mere
belief in God is all that is necessary, that I am fearful for it. That
is only a trick of the adversary...

It is not those who say, 'Lord, Lord,' who enjoy the companionship of
His spirit but those who do His will...
How many of us day by day are laying a foundation and building a
structure that shall conform to the dignity of the stature of our

Let us do better than we have ever done before. Let us renew our
determination to be real Latter-day Saints, and not just
make-believe....I do not know anybody who can not do a little better
that he has been doing, if he makes up his mind."

Think on those words and let the Holy Spirit be your teacher now.
I love the work I am a part of now. I know that this Gospel is
absolutely true and that Jesus Christ lives. He is my Savior and
Redeemer. I love Him with all my soul. This is His true church and is
led by a prophet, seer, and revelator. Thomas S. Monson is that
prophet. I know Joseph Smith saw our loving Father in Heaven and our
Savior Jesus Christ. I truly loving these two years to serve. I love
you all and hope and pray that you will receive the spirit of
missionary work and will work your hardest to spread forth His Kingdom
on the earth, preparatory to His Second Coming. He wants all of us
there and will hold us accountable if we failed in our duty.

Elder Smith.

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