Saturday, February 4, 2012

Facts About Hyrum's Mission

We received a little note in the mail, yesterday, from Hyrum...and he gave some "fun facts" about his mission:
  • There are over 200 missionaries in the Virginia Richmond Mission
  • Franklin, West Virginia is a new addition to the mission - the first time missionaries have been sent there in awhile...
  • There are 7 STAKES in the mission - so the mission is divided into 7 ZONES...each STAKE representing ONE ZONE
  • Each WARD within each STAKE has a pair of missionaries...
  • Hyrum's TRAINER has been in the area Hyrum is serving in for over 6 months!
  • Extremely DIVERSE Mission - have baptized Asian Buddhists to Middle East Muslims...
  •  Met a Sister ELKINS - Aunt of Jonathan Cattron in the Flathead Valley YSA Branch! Kenny is to tell Jon that when he sees him! (Thanks, Kenny!)

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